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Stars Reacted on Hina Khan’s nasty comment on Sakshi Tanwar in Bigg Boss house

Hina Khan who is now playing nasty games inside the house, she first insulted Shilpa Shinde and ArshiKhan for their bodies and also taunted Shilpa to not being famous as Hina is. Not just the members of Bigg boss house, Hina is now insulting the other actors of the Television industry. In her recent video, Hina commented about one of the best actresses in Television Sakshi Tanwar, called her cockeyed and also said Sanjeeda Sheikh is not beautiful in real life as she looks on television
Urvashi Dholakia who is also the winner of Bigg boss season 6 , she tweet “It’s sad to see a woman pull down another woman .. it’s best to to ignore such statements darling .. we all are above all this nonsense. You are Beautiful & #SakshiTanwar is elegant & #Sanjeeda is Pretty #loveyougirls,”
Gauhar Khan also wrote “Acchaii aur tameez toh seekhi nahi, math karna seekha hota toh aaj jhoote ghamand me aake kahi gayi baat pe log itna haste nahi..Lol!!! Allah sabko tarakki de…. Ameen!! Ghamand be aaj tak kisi ka kuch bhalaa nahi kiya.. sakshi tanwar u are beautiful.”
Karan Patel tweet “I think in the #Wild, the #Hyena makes the most #Irritating sound and also is the most #Cunning looking … By the way i missed #BigBoss11 yesterday, will catch the episode today ..!”
He further added “I see the animal kingdom has some unity man, a lot of wild #Cats and #Dogs in protest to save the #Hyena…!! …. in other news im yet to catch yesterday’s episode of #BigBoss11.”

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