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Soni Razdan on Alia: she was a very easy child. She’s very sunny and happy-go-lucky sort of person

Soni Razdan shared memories of Alia Bhatt when she was a kid.  Her mother, Soni Razdan said  “Alia has always been a very shaant (quiet) child. She never gave me any trouble as a daughter growing up. If I say, ‘wear this and do this,’ she would say, ‘okay, mummy.’ The only thing she was concerned about was her dresses. Those 4-5 frocks which she had, that she had to choose herself. Otherwise, everything I told her, she would say yes. Of course that changed a little bit when she became 14-years-old and all the yes’ all stopped. But, till that point, she was a very easy child. She’s very sunny and happy-go-lucky sort of person,”

On Mother’s day, Soni Razdan shared “My Mother’s Day message to you, I would say, be patient with your mother. I know it’s the most difficult thing to do. I’m the most impatient person with my own mother but I think your mother is only wanting the best for you at all times.

Allow her that and indulge that part of her. It’s because she loves you. Another thing I would say is that always keep your mother informed about what you are doing in your life. Don’t keep her in the dark because that is one of the most important relationships you will ever have in your life and don’t take it for granted.”

During an pervious interview, she commented on Alia’s journey , said “I think her journey has been unusual as she has made unusual choices. Student Of The Year was a commercial type of a film, I would say a typical Bollywood film and that platform was great. She could have probably continued doing more of the same and what’s interesting is that she has chosen not to do it and went the other route. What’s more interesting is that the other stuff is being written and I find it wonderful. These are a different kind of films and roles that are giving the opportunity to not only her but other actors. I am so happy that she is one of those people who is sticking her neck out and is taking risks. Not that Raazi is a risk, I am generally saying. See Highway, it was a complete contrast. It was a huge change. The very fact that she has gone that route has proved to me that she is a born actress,”

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