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Shilpa Shinde on calling her wedding off: I was about to get married. But I ran away

Shilpa Shinde who is doing excellent performances in the Bigg boss house, recently talked about her marriage with Romit Roy. In an unseen video, Shilpa is sharing her calling her wedding off incident with Puneesh Sharma, she said ‘’I was about to get married. But I ran away. I am like this only, I leave things (laughs).’’
Talking about the show she said “I have a contract and I can’t run away from this show, anyway I won’t run away from this show,”
She added further ‘I had left everything because of my marriage. As a girl I know what my responsibility towards my husband and his family is and I used to do everything according to his will. I kept all his family members in mind but he still expected more from me.’’
Shilpa Shinde stated “My wedding preparations were done, my wedding outfit was ready, I had even bought my jewellery and the cards were also printed. It is very sad that I had to call off my marriage one month prior to the actual date. But I feel it is a wise decision and I am very happy that at least now I won’t have to make adjustments for each and every single thing. I will now be able to take my own decisions,”
Well, there is no doubt that Shilpa Shinde is one of the strongest players inside the Bigg boss house and she is handling situation wisely. Where her relationship with Arshi khan and Akash Dadlani is going worst, but other members like Vikas GuptaBandagi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma is coming out for her support.

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