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Shah Rukh Khan on Padmaavat controversy: No filmmaker goes out and makes films to insult people, to trouble regions, to disturb the community

Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan has finally opened up on the Padmaavat controversy. He also talked about threats made to freedom of expression nowadays. However, SRK stated that no amount of pressure can stop the creative people to do their work. He was asked when the creativity comes to danger, the artistic emotional people to save it from danger. He said “Creativity, whenever it’ll come to fore, all around the world, there are going to be people who disagree to certain parts. You will find some people who will find some reason to dislike it – be it a film, news piece, web series. It’s going to keep happening. It has happened to all of us at certain times in our career. Where certain sections of people have said they don’t like it. But the films finally do get released. If they are nice films, people lap it up.”He further added “I don’t know about the thick skin part of it but creative people do get emotional about it. One of the emotions is also that you become a little wary – you make it with so much love, where is it going, more often than not there is a certain business attached to that emotion which you can’t let goes of.”

Shah Rukh Khan said “Our business of films happen in the first few days. If you kill the first few days, the business suffers. Recently with the Viacom film (Padmaavat) we had people saying ‘why don’t the other stars come up, they are not coming up, oh they are hiding.’ No, we are not hiding. As a matter of fact, the simple truth is this – there is a section of people who go on an ‘uprising’ so to say.”He added “If more prominent actors, actresses and directors came and talked about this film—as a matter of fact, many times I suggested to their team, not to talk about this, just keep quiet because you are giving wind to fire. And suddenly these people are getting more recognised by the virtue of being on all the news channels. So don’t give them importance.”He at last added “No filmmakers goes out and makes films to insult people, to trouble regions, to disturb the community. I never think anyone does that. Specially all the responsible people. Sometimes this is going to happen.”

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