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Salman Khan talking about Casting Couch: it is the most disgusting thing ever

Salman Khan is looking forward for his upcoming action-thriller film Tiger Zinda Hai cast along KatrinaKaif. He recently talked about casting couch saying it as most disgusting thing ever. He also said that if he ever comes across such kind of person, he will take him to ‘cleaners’. The ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ was lastly spotted in the partnership with CNN-News 18 happened on Thursday. He talked about casting couch “No one has come and confirmed it. I have been there for the longest time, my father has been here (for) more (time) than me. Till today I have not heard anyone come and say it straight out. Now, being a beautiful woman or a man, someone or the other is going to flirt with you.”The superstar also said “If someone is there with a principle that you have to sleep with them to get a job, then it is the most disgusting thing ever. I have not heard anything like this. If a lady or a man comes up to me and tells me that something of the sort has happened with them, I will take them down to the cleaners.”

Salman Khan has been asked whether he had a interesting life, he said “I had the most boring life, it was your fraternity (media) that made it interesting… If one had to come and live my life, that person would find it boring and hectic.” Talking about his public image, the actor — who was struggling with a bad throat here — said: “For the last 30 years, I am told I am misunderstood. How can someone be misunderstood for decades. The kind of life I have led is the kind everyone has led. I have been working 24 hours, seven days a week. The rest you hear is because people are running their own shows. It’s a hardworking life I have led. I still live in a one-bedroom apartment. My parents also believe that I must have said something wrong, until they watch the clip.”

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