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Salman Khan on meeting Katrina Kaif for first time: She knew my sisters and all my friends, but she didn’t know me

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif both are working together for their next film Tiger Zinda Hai. They both gone through lot of things, from friends to lovers and Lovers to exes, the actors are again together to work after a long time. In his latest interview, Salman khan talks about Katrina Kaif and shared the first meeting memories. The actor said “It was a small get-together. She had come home for a party and I thought she was one of the sweetest girls ever. She knew my sisters and all my friends, but she didn’t know me.”
Katrina kaif also talked about Salman, Said “We all know that Salman has a kind of heart that loves to help people.

But for me, the greatest strength that he was to me was that he never tried to give me a special treatment. He always encouraged me to stand up, find your own feet and work hard.I know people may not feel it that way but he really really had a lot of belief in me and that for me was the most important thing.”Salman khanand Katrina kaif worked together in various films, their last film where they worked was Ek tha Tiger, and now the famous couple is back on screen.  Salman Khan commented on his star life, said “I was like, ‘how can I be an actor’. When I walk into a place, nobody notices me. I remember Sanjay Dutt and Jackie Shroff. When they walked in, you’d know someone had come. So, I decided until that happens to me, I’ll  never make it.”

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