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Salman khan on his love life: I think the unluckier you are in love the luckier you are, actually

Salman khan is not just the star, but he is the one of the most successful khans after Shahrukh khan and Amir Khan. These days, he is busy in shooting ek tha tiger’s sequel Tiger zinda hai where he is working opposite with Katrina Kaif. The both actors are working together after 5 years, an their last film was ek tha tiger.
In recent talk with Vogue India , Salman commented on why people are so interested about his life, he said “People are interested in our lives because we don’t share it,To a star there has to be this mystery around, where everybody can say whatever they want about them but the star will never share that. Our living rooms are for the world, for the whole country, but our bedroom is our personal space.”Talking about his love life failures, he said “I think I am used to that now. I think the unluckier you are in love the luckier you are, actually,”

Salman khan on failure in movies and also commented on how to deal with, he said “To deal with failure is difficult but from where I come, everything is a plus. Someone told me very young that if you earn Rs 10 lakh, you will get Rs 2000 every month. That had become my ambition which I crossed in my second movie. So today whatever I am, I am a plus. When you are low, you feel targeted. At that time, I live on my ground floor and open my door. I watch my watchman and see my fans shouting for my attention and I speak with them, then I see someone in the morning washing cars. I see them and then look at myself and say, ‘Bloody Idiot, go home and enjoy your life.’ After having so much, if you are depressed, you are the biggest ‘nashukra’ on planet earth.”

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