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REASON of Sridevi’s Death REVEALED and it’s not Cardiac Arrest

Here’s what exactly happened with the actress…
Contrary to reports and statements made by the family members about Sridevi succumbing to a heart attack, the forensic report are out and they narrate a completely different story.

The Dubai Forensic Department has released the forensic reports of the autopsy conducted on the legendary actress Sridevi and it reveals that the actress died of accidental drowning. Also, there have been traces of alcohol found in her blood reports. The Gulf News is in possession of the death certificate.

Important point stated in the report:

Forensic report says Sridevi died of accidental drowning. No foul play suspected.

Apparently she slipped and drowned in the bath tub.

Traces of alcohol have been found in her blood reports.

The consulate is now processing all documents and the body will be taken for embalming shortly from the morgue and from there to the jet for repatriation.

Social workers are working with the family members to complete the procedure of repatriation – the cancellation of passport, issuance of death certificate among others.

Once all the documents are collected, the family members will be handed over the body after submitting the documents.

Here’s a copy of her autopsy report:

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