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Ravi Dubey: I would like Vikas and Hina to stand together- because they are from the same industry, similar space

Ravi Dubey talked about Hina khan and Vikas Gupta, the actor supported both members inside the house as they are his friends. He said “To be honest, I have followed every single episode so I know most of the contestants and have observed them from the beginning. What I have realised is that there are dramatic changes in their behaviour. Therefore, at this point, I cannot say who is playing well and who isn’t,”He also added “But what I can say is that I wish them best. We can have a bird-eye view of what they doing and this time which they think is difficult and they are busy fighting is because of the time limit. There is just sometimes left for the show and when they come out in the real world, these won’t matter. People tend to forget that there is a timeline for this and they must try to set a big example for many.”
Talking about Hina and Vikas, he said “I have two friends in the house- Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan. So my closest observation of these two people. When they do some right in the house, I feel really proud but when they do something wrong, I don’t judge them. The reason being in the volatile situation like that you cannot gauge and form an opinion about anyone.
He further said “I have said earlier that I am a very calm person but if somebody slaps me, there is a high probability that I will give it back, in the moment of impulse. Most of what is happening in the house is out of the moment of impulse. I would like Vikas and Hina to stand together- because they are from the same industry, similar space. I think they can look at each other’s flaws, wrongdoings and right things and collectively become a force.”
He also talked about Hiten, said “Another person who is impressive in the house is Hiten, I think he is very collected, equally warm towards everyone. Two months have past and I haven’t seen a dramatic change in his personality,”

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