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R Balki on Akshay Kumar: He’s a lot like Arunachalam – no complications, no reading between the lines

Padman is going to be released on 9th February featuring Akshay KumarRadhika Apte and SonamKapoor in lead role. The director of the film R Balki talked about the film as well as the lead actor AkshayKumar. He said that he is quite like Arunachalam on whom the film is based upon. He said he has no complications and no reading between the lines.He also talked about making of the film and other about how he takes up suggestions and inputs with actors. Balki said “I look at stars as creative people. Of course, I know the value of Akshay Kumar, he draws in 90 per cent of the audience. That means he has the ability. Where people might have issues is when they say ‘he is behaving like a star, not understanding my script’.

He further added “I believe stars are as good — if not better — creative people as you are. They understand your script, their stardom and box office as well as you do. It’s your job to not lose out on anything that they’re trying to say. It’s also your job to tell them ‘hey this won’t work’.”He also talked about how he feel Akshay to be best person cast in the film. He said “Akshay is a simple guy. He’s a lot like Arunachalam – no complications, no reading between the lines. He is simple. So he was bang on for the character. Akshay doesn’t like complications and it suits me because I don’t either.”He further added “He doesn’t think he is doing something great, never Tom-toms his own achievement. He celebrates quietly, moves on to the next one. I really like that about him.”

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