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Padman Actor Radhika Apte: It’s not only about women or men, it’s about how we have been living in the society

Radhika Apte is among one of the best actress in Hindi film Industry who mostly dwell only in content oriented cinema. She recently talked about her upcoming film Padman along Akshay Kumar and SonamKapoor. She has played most of unconventional roles on-screen which adored by the audience.She had earlier worked in films like Maanjhi- The mountain Man, Parched, Phobia and Ahalya as well. She talked about how society is about men and women both and the way they are living , she said “There are three things for which we made this film. First, it is an incredibly inspiring story that needs to be told. Second, if we can make people talk about periods, that would make a lot of difference and third, it’s high time that people understand that menstrual hygiene is of utmost importance. Bacteria thrive on period blood and if you do not use a clean material you can get different kinds of infections and it is extremely dangerous for health.”

Radhika further said “The menstruation taboo is ancient and there are so many theories about it. For some, it is fear of blood and for some period blood is toxic. If you read the theories about menstruation you might even laugh.”Radhika Apte refuses that women are the reason for menstruation being a taboo, she said “Men don’t talk about things. Women do not talk about things. It is what goes into society. It’s not only about women or men, it’s about how we have been living in the society. Men and women are sometimes equally responsible for this. Daughters are told about periods by their mothers. But that’s because a father is very uncomfortable talking about it. Why don’t fathers talk about it? Why can’t he say that ‘you will get your periods’ or why can’t both, mother and father talk about it together?”The film Padman is directed by R Balkiand will be released on February 9.

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