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Bigg Boss 11 November 29 Episode Highlights: Hiten Tejwani burst into anger for disturbing his personal belongings

Bigg Boss 11 house has been producing high-voltage drama since a long time but it was hardly seen anything from Hiten Tejwani, the gentleman of the Bigg Boss 11 house. But finally, some anger from his side too burst in the November 29th Episode as on Priyank and Luv for disturbing his personal items. If you have missed the episode, here are the highlightsHina Khan, Luv and Akash make fun of Hiten Taiwan’s legs as they got waxed in the task.

Hina said Luv to hide all trimmers so they cannot use it in the task. Hina and Akash discussed about the strategies about the game.Vikas gives his instructions to Shilpa’s team where he told Bandagi to not use chilli powder. Bandagi refuse to listen him. Puneesh find out his trimmer missing. He showed love his bags that his trimmer is not there. Puneesh told Hiten that they have even hide their trimmer as well.

Hiten warned that this is going so far now. He got frustrated and started asking everyone for the trimmer back.  Hiten got made on Luv and Priyank asking not to touch his personal belongings. He shouted on them.Akash hug Hiten. Hiten said his flattering won’t work in the task. Arshi comes first for the task where Bandagi, Hiten and Puneesh were Lilliput.  Bandagi tried to cut Arshi’s hair but she bailed out. After ArshiAkash comes where Shilpa rubbed garlic on his face. Puneesh and Bandagi put old Hiten’s hair patches on him. After Akash, Luv comes who shouted on Puneesh on cutting his hair. Hina comes next where Bandagi cut her hair. Hina warned her that she is going to be look bad.

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