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Bigg Boss 11 November 28 Episode Highlights: Akash Dadlani apologises to Puneesh Sharma

Bigg Boss 11 house has been more dramatic and intense in last few days. As weeks are getting over and finale month is approaching, contestant are getting more serious about playing the tasks and wining the game.  If you have missed the last night episode, here are the highlights.

Arshi Khan made complaint to Hiten Tejwani for the food. She said that Shilpa Shinde is making extra food for Bandagi whereas she hasn’t given any more parathas when asked for.

Shilpa and Arshi get into the arguments.  Arshi said that Shilpa is partial with Bandagi against other Biggboss family members.

Vikas suggested Arshi that she should switch her duty with Shilpa Shinde and take care of kitchen after now. Bandagi also suggested Shilpa to give away the kitchen responsibility and rest.

Bigg Boss gives Vikas eyeglasses as he has his eye problem.

Bigg Boss announced he luxury budget task ‘Danav and Lilliput’ where PuneeshBandagiHiten and Shilpa are giants and ArshiLuvAkash and Hina are Lilliput.

The task was about make one giant to ring the bell and lose the game. Arshi and Hina put chilli powder on Bandagi Kalra.  Her face was wiped with chilli powder. She started shouting as it hurts. Hina and Arshithreatened her to lose game otherwise they will cut her hairs. She cut her hair and throws on herself.

Bandagi cried a lot and shouted. Vikas was continuously warning them, not to use chilli powder and avoid the eyes. Bandagi shouted and called Vikas. He took her up and wash her eyes. Hina, Arshi and Akash started shouting, not to do so.

Shilpa tied to ropes. Vikas announced that he is banning chilli powder from the game. Everybody shouts that he can’t do so. Hina left the game shouting removing her  knee pads. Priyank convinced her to come back and play.

Hina make Shilpa eat chilli powder. Akash painted her face with lipstick. Second buzzer make Shilpa over her part. Puneesh turns came where he was tied to ropes and threatened with trimmer by Akash.

After him, Hiten was tied where he has to face continous hair removing patches which made him shout everytime.

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