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Amir khan on Nepotism: It’s everywhere in the world. As far as I am concerned

Nepotism is currently the one of the hottest topic in Bollywood town.  After Kangana Ranaut comment on Hrithik Roshan and their controversies, the whole Bollywood industry started talking and sharing their opinion about the topic. Even the three khans of Bollywood also shared their thoughts, in a interview reporters asked Salman Khan about what he think about Nepotism, he said  “I got to know the meaning of it only after Kangana talked about nepotism. (Abjaake nepotism ka matlab pata chala jab Kangana ne nepotism ke baare mein baat ki hai).”Where Salman just shrugged the topic, Shahrukh khanalso replied same thing on the question said “I don’t understand this (nepotism).

How can I understand it? I am a Delhi boy, who went to Mumbai at the age of 25. There everybody loved me and accepted me. So, I don’t understand this talk.”
He further also added “I don’t understand this discussion (on nepotism). When I hear the word ‘nepotism’, I feel the other person is talking about Napoleon. Even though I know enough English, still I don’t understand it and the discussion. Whether I agree or disagree – I don’t even understand it so how can I have an opinion?”
Amir khan commented “It’s everywhere in the world. As far as I am concerned, I believe that people who know how to work – be it actors or technicians – we would like to work with them. It doesn’t matter if that person belongs to my family or not.”

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